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Compassionate Healers

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Healing Warriors

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Earthly Lightworkers

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About Lexi

     Alexis graduated in 2012 from Stony Brook University with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She has certifications completed in the following continuing educational courses through Herman & Wallace: The Pelvic Floor Series: Level 1, 2A, 2B and Capstone and Yoga for Pelvic Pain.  


     While attending graduate school, she developed Interstitial Cystitis leading her down the path to holistic health and healing for herself after an exhaustion of efforts and limited progress with conventional medicine. After enduring and healing painful physical symptoms, she felt compelled to help other women suffering with the same or similar conditions. She worked for 3 years specializing in Women’s Health, specifically Pregnancy, Pre and Post-Partum Conditions, and Pelvic Floor Pain & Dysfunction for both men and women. She has a deep understanding for what her patients go through and has been able to truly connect with them. At the time, the one piece she was missing was the true understanding of what was causing her and her patient’s ailments.

     Handling a tremendous amount of stress from working in an overbooked outpatient clinic and with the loss of her brother in 2015, Alexis fell seriously ill again. It was at this time that she stumbled across Medical Medium information and began applying his protocols for Lyme/EBV, HHV, Strep, Hypoglycemia, and Heavy Metal Detox to fully heal herself. Alexis has been applying Medical Medium protocols for over 3 years now with much success.

     With her own personal experience in suffering with and healing mystery chronic illness, an educational degree and license in Physical Therapy, AND now armed with the full truth and knowledge of Medical Medium, Alexis has developed a strong passion, expertise and intuition in order to help others heal.


     Alexis and her husband have established themselves as the dynamic healing duo, Homegrown Healers in order to dedicate themselves to helping others fully heal and live their fullest, healthiest lives. Alexis loves to get creative in the kitchen and find ways to make delicious dishes that are Medical Medium friendly foods and recipes to keep her, her husband and others on track. Most recently they have published a recipe e-book, “Homegrown Healing Recipes”, that you can find under the tab "Recipe Ebook." Additionally, they have launched a monthly meal planning subscription service that is plant-based, allergen-friendly (free of dairy, gluten, eggs, corn, soy, canola oil, citric acid and natural flavor) AND low to no fat. The meal planning service is designed for those having difficulty staying on track with their healing protocol, can't figure out what to eat daily or week to week, would like some variation in their healing foods and/or having difficulty losing weight or healing from chronic illness. To join the monthly meal planning subscription service, you can find it under the drop down tab "Monthly Meal Plan" under "Services." 

     To book a personal appointment with Lexi, go to the "Services" tab  and choose your booking option. 

About Jimmy

   Jimmy has been witnessing and supporting those with chronic illness his entire life. His mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis shortly after his birth and by the time he was 15, she was wheelchair bound. She also battled breast cancer and the damage from conventional treatments for 10 years before she passed from a relapse in 2009. The love, laughter and dedication that his parents shared amidst their trials as his father stood by his mother as she refused to ever give up hope, even to the bitter end, instilled Jimmy with a sense of compassion, commitment, love, light heartedness and tenacity that are powerful tools in his light-worker repertoire.
      He supported and assisted his wife Lexi in battling through several years of healing & recovering from Interstitial Cystitis and a Lyme diagnosis. In order to physically facilitate Lexi’s healing, he educated himself on the Medical Medium information and provided companionship in all the healing modalities. He helped her to find new ways to gently exercise and even created new meditative healing massage techniques. He provided encouragement,  emotional and spiritual support by teaching her how to utilize the power of positive affirmations, prayer and meditation.
        Witnessing the true healing power of the Medical Medium information and learning the true root causes and the links between all of his wife’s and mother’s ailments has sparked a strong passion for sharing what he has learned and helping others keep the faith to apply this knowledge.
      With this information, he has been able to transition from a standard American diet to a healing plant based diet. He has released all of his former vices and addictions, healed his own hypertension and assisted others in healing everything from Ulcerative Colitis to Cancer.
   Jimmy’s faith in God has exponentially grown through all of his life experiences. He draws great inspiration from pastors like Joel Osteen and David Jeremiah. He truly enjoys sharing, spreading and strengthening faith in others. He loves to utilize scripture in a unique way to manifest the voice of God in the earthly plane and deliver the messages people need to hear when they need to hear them.
   Together, Lexi and Jimmy founded to share their passions for growing food, creating delicious recipes, becoming more eco-conscious and providing encouraging messages of faith, trust and hope for those suffering with chronic illness.
   Jimmy has the unique ability to intuitively create and design solutions for emotional, spiritual and physical problems that facilitate deep healing. Not only that, he has a particularly special gift for bringing the light of laughter into even the darkest situations.
       Get a glimpse into how Jimmy can re-ignite your light when you book a FREE 15 minute introductory encouragement session with him or experience the full depth and power of Jimmy’s God-given gifts when you book a whole hour encouragement session.

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