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       "I just received the package and I am BLOWN AWAY!!!! I'm completely speechless at your intuition in picking the mini orgonite -- I love it beyond words and it's a perfect match for my energy, I felt myself attach to it immediately as soon as I saw it! I will never part with it and I hope it lasts forever!!

       As for the Field of Dreams -- I got chills as soon as I saw it. So beautiful and serene and warm, like a sunset in a dream. Also, I am not sure if this is just placebo /me getting overly excited, but I immediately feel so much more clear - headed and in balance just being around these objects.  I can't wait to go to bed tonight with the pyramid by my side. 

       You've got a customer for life. This definitely won't be my last purchase. You've got a real talent for this stuff. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. Bless you. "  

2 Days Later

     "The last two nights I slept with the pyramid by my bed stand, I didn't wake up a single time both nights! I usually wake up at least once or twice a night no matter what, but I fell asleep quickly, slept really deeply, and had very vivid dreams (which I've learned through Anthony is very healing).

I had a smaller pyramid I bought randomly off Etsy by my bed stand before this and it never had any effects like this. How magical! Thank you guys again."


-- Mindy Y.

Orgonite Testimonial Highlight