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       "I just received the package and I am BLOWN AWAY!!!! I'm completely speechless at your intuition in picking the mini orgonite -- I love it beyond words and it's a perfect match for my energy, I felt myself attach to it immediately as soon as I saw it! I will never part with it and I hope it lasts forever!!

       As for the Field of Dreams -- I got chills as soon as I saw it. So beautiful and serene and warm, like a sunset in a dream. Also, I am not sure if this is just placebo /me getting overly excited, but I immediately feel so much more clear - headed and in balance just being around these objects.  I can't wait to go to bed tonight with the pyramid by my side. 

       You've got a customer for life. This definitely won't be my last purchase. You've got a real talent for this stuff. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. Bless you. "  

2 Days Later

     "The last two nights I slept with the pyramid by my bed stand, I didn't wake up a single time both nights! I usually wake up at least once or twice a night no matter what, but I fell asleep quickly, slept really deeply, and had very vivid dreams (which I've learned through Anthony is very healing).

I had a smaller pyramid I bought randomly off Etsy by my bed stand before this and it never had any effects like this. How magical! Thank you guys again."


-- Mindy Y.

Orgonite Testimonial Highlight


Anthony M.

"I received your pyramid today, and honestly I have absolutely no words for how stunning it is. My eyes lit up like a little kid on Christmas morning. The detail, the rainbow in the sun, everything about it is stunningly perfect. Thank you so much."

Francene L.

"Loving my orgonite from @homegrownhealers SO much!! Usually I get headaches in the car with  my kids and all the gadgets and their accompanying EMFs, so I was feeling nervously excited about a 6 day summer road trip w/ my daughter... BUT I took this gorgeous pyramid with me and it sat right there on mt console  and amazingly.... not one headache that entire time. It was an awesome trip... Thank you Jim and Lexi... such beautiful, powerful and intentional pieces. 


Whoa... First off, it’s beautiful! Thanks for the impeccable craftsmanship! Second, I put it under our bed. I’ve  had dreams reminding me what supps and dosages to take. After reading AW’s books, a few months into eating MM lifestyle, I started dealing with substantial brain fog and forgot some of what I learned. These dreams are getting me back on track, thank you!
Third, I know it’s not a placebo effect cause Matt didn’t know it was under our bed... This week alone, he’s initiated praying TWICE, been more of a team player AND even explored emotional code work.

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