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Celebrating those who have transformed their lives with the help of HomeGrownHealers attributable to utilizing plant-based living and Medical Medium information.

“Jimmy explained that my ulcerative colitis was caused by the shingles virus. He challenged me to give him 30 days on something different then the traditional treatments of ulcerative colitis... begrudgingly I began this journey and where it has led me is nothing short of a miracle!"

/// Joseph Lucchese

Joe L success story.jpg

April 2018

November 2018

“I started gaining interest in homegrown healing as a vegetarian with aspirations to become vegan. With Lexi and Jimmy's help and encouragement, I easily and quickly was able to adjust to the lifestyle that would change my life forever. Struggling for years with reoccurring ovarian cysts, crippling anxiety, seasonal depression and severe insomnia, I really needed to make a change and I am forever grateful to the Homegrown Healers for helping me.”

Dallas HGH pic.JPG

/// Dallas Cozine

“I was a senior in high school coming to terms with the idea that my symptoms of IBS, constipation, depression, panic attacks and chronic fatigue were all normal. I had given up hope after five years of doctors not having answers for my conditions and trying all types of diets. It was a miracle that Lexi came into my life when she did. She introduced me to the Medical Medium information, and answered my questions I had. Two years into the Medical Medium lifestyle and with guidance from Lexi and Jimmy, I can proudly say that I have my life back." 

Nicole Testimonial.jpeg

/// Nicole Cambria

"Deep into my healing on the Medical Medium lifestyle, I had experienced some PTSD setbacks. I needed a voice when I had none and couldn't do it for myself. Jimmy and Alexis were that voice. They took time out of their schedule to explain what was happening to me to the important people in my life. They provided much needed support, correct information, shared many examples from personal experiences, strategies and above all, they were a voice for a very chronically ill person. Love and respect goes to HomeGrownHealers!!!"

Christina D.jpeg

/// Christina D.

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