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Sacred Space Sundays

We are excited to offer our Sacred Space for encouragement and prayer in a group setting. We will be hosting a zoom meeting twice each month where Jimmi will be leading a collective of healers in a prayer and encouragement session where you can ask him specific questions related to the bible, healing, plant based living, applying Medical Medium™ info to normal life or any issues you may be facing in life that may be weighing heavily on your heart, be it familial, job related, societal or personal. You can ask for specific prayer support and Jim will lead the group in prayer specifically tailored to your individual requests so you can experience the vast power of communal prayer. We look forward to helping you further your healing, expand your horizons and deepen your connection to God!

  • Sacred Space Sundays

    Every month
    Encouragement and Prayer in a Group Setting
    • Twice Monthly 1 Hour Group Encouragement and Prayer Sessions
    • Interactive prayer and encouragement zoom meeting 2x/month
    • Get answers to specific questions weighing on your mind
    • Bible, healing, plant based living, Medical Medium™ info
    • Support for familial, work, societal or personal issues
    • Tailored and individualized collective prayer
    • Further your healing and expand your horizons
    • Deepen your connection to God
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