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How we can help:

We are simply an everyday couple living a plant-based lifestyle and helping others learn how to do the same. We can help you get started and make sense of, what can be perceived as, an "overwhelming amount of" information.

Our names are Jim and Lexi and this is our story in a nutshell.

      Jimmy was born to a mother who fell ill immediately following his birth. From the time of his delivery into this world and getting to know his mother, Teresa, illness is all he knew. He watched his mother deteriorate from Multiple Sclerosis and by the time he was in high school, she was wheelchair bound. For 30 years he watched her suffer. Later on, to make matters even worse, she was eventually also diagnosed with breast cancer. How could it be that a beautifully souled, innocent woman like Teresa could be tormented most of her life with mystery chronic illness, then hit with cancer on top of that?! Unfortunately, Teresa's battle was lost at the age of 59 and heaven gained another angel.

     Not soon after Jimmy's mother passed, our worlds became intertwined. . Before I share this part of our story, I would like to share a little about my background and experience with illness.

     As far as I can remember, unlike Jimmy, I never knew illness as a child. I had never lost anyone close to me to illness. I floated through my early years of life unaffected and naive to the suffering of the world. My parents, still married, and all of us (1 brother and 2 sisters) totally healthy, or so we thought. What did I have to worry about? Well, this would soon all change and so slowly over time that I wouldn't really know that my health had been crying out since I was a child. I remember at age 12, getting my first “moon cycle.” It was debilitating as I crippled over with cramps that brought me to tears, severely tender breasts and bloating (just to name a few symptoms), but can't every girl relate to this? Isn't this a normal part of puberty and becoming a woman? READ ON. I coped monthly with midol and ibprofen because that is what we are taught in society. At age 16, I fell ill with what I would consider my first serious illness known as the Epstein Bar Virus (EBV). The virus inflamed everything from my face to my tonsils and lymph nodes and put me out of school for over a month. . . But what's the big deal you say? Who cares? READ ON. I recovered and continued on with my life. At age 18, I moved away to college and I admit that I did not take care of myself. I ate whatever the heck I dang well pleased and partied like a rock star (as I did in highschool as well). I knew no boundaries or ramifications for my self destructive ways. My first year away, I continually fell ill with several bouts of tonsillitis in just one year. My mother was getting used to receiving phone calls of me in tears. We needed to put an end to this, so I had my tonsils removed. This worked, despite the embarrassing cystic acne I developed about a year later. At least I was no longer getting sick with tonsillitis. Upon graduating from college, I found a job in NYC that I didn't love, was in an unhealthy living environment and relationship so starts in the depression and panic attacks. At the time, I didn't know what was happening to me.

     After seeking help, I was told it was anxiety attacks and that I could take medication or cope with it. But wait, that's normal to experience depression and anxiety in response to stressors like these, no? READ ON. I chose to cope with it and the anxiety/panic attacks lasted a year before subsiding.​ Despite the anxiety/panic attacks subsiding, it always seemed that I was dealing with SOMETHING. The onset of other symptoms developed throughout my early and mid 20s, from blurred vision and dizziness to heart palpitations to pelvic pain and yeast infections. Little did I know these were all signs and symptoms that my body was crying out for help. It was my body's way of alerting me that there was an overall bigger picture to all that was happening inside of me. I just didn't know any better to listen and if I had known better, I didn't know how to fix it. 


     Enter Jimmy. What was 1 year of pure bliss for us as a new couple, soon turned to a wild ride to hell and back, not once but twice. Our love and commitment to one another would sure be tested.

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     At the age of 26, while working on my Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy at Stony Brook University, I developed a very serious condition known as Interstitial Cystitis... a fancy title meaning chronic inflammation of the bladder in which not many medical professionals know the root cause. It took 3 months for me to receive any proper medical care and treatment to relieve me of any suffering and another 2 years for me to recover from the damage that had been done to the lining of my bladder and urethra from a prolonged, chronic infection of the urinary system. I was able to temporarily fix my diet, cutting out gluten, dairy and eggs as per the recommendation of a  naturopath. This made a 

great difference in my health. However, not truly knowing the cause of my condition or having the truth and knowledge about what foods were actually doing to either exacerbate or heal my symptoms, condition and body, I reverted back to old habits. My body was only able to sustain it for a short while longer.

​     Fast forward to age 32, I fell ill again with what appeared to be viral symptoms.  This time, I was diagnosed with strep throat. I was given an antibiotic which spiraled my symptoms out of control with the onset of: body tremors, cold hands/feet, profuse sweating of hands/feet, night sweats, rashing, tachycardia, severe anxiety with disassociation and even suicidal thoughts among many, many other symptoms not listed here. Again, doctors were stumped and I was left terrified and helpless. It took 8 months to finally receive a diagnosis that included: Lyme Ds., hypoglycemia, EBV, HHV-6, antioxidant immune deficiency, zinc deficiency and low killer WBC count comparable to that of an HIV patient. Conventional and alternative doctors were unable to help me and actually seemed to be worsening my condition with prescription meds. At the end of my rope, I didn't want to continue on in the condition I was in. I prayed to God and asked Him to either take this affliction from me or take me home to Him. His answer was to lead me to the miraculous healing information of the Medical Medium.  As I read book one, my mind was blown as Anthony explained the root cause of every single traumatic illness and symptom I had endured throughout my entire life and how they were all linked. I started down the road to self healing through the Medical Medium information provided in the books and radio shows.

All natural herbs, supplements and foods began to turn my world right side up again. 30 days in and one of the first promises Medical Medium made in the book came to fruition. For the first time in my life, I was relieved from the suffering of my menstrual cycle. 

     This was our first of many signs that this was God's truth and this was the way. We also learned the true root cause behind Jimmy's mother's MS and Cancer and that they were linked as well. All of these revelations and experiences solidified our confidence and faith in all that we learn through the Medical Medium. Since then, Jimmy and I have never looked back and never will.

     If we can save just one person from having to go through what we went through, we will have served our purpose.

With All Our Love, Jim & Lexi

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