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Join Our Meal Plan Membership!

  • Monthly Meal Plan

    Every month
    Let us make it easy for you, let us plan your meals!
    • One comprehensive weekly 7-day meal plan for 1 month
    • Each meal plan incl. breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner
    • All recipes are plant-based and low fat
    • Medical Medium™ compliant foods
    • You receive each recipe's ingredients and directions
    • Meal plan and recipes arrive via your email 1x/wk
    • Tips and suggestions on how to best prepare and store meals
    • Clean product & kitchen tool recommendations
Spicy Salad
Citrus Fruits

" I have belonged for almost a month now and I have learned so much! I have especially enjoyed learning new cooking tips which are in the recipes and I have also ordered several new products I probably would not have tried otherwise. It is really great to belong to this. I am pleased and even a bit surprised that I am enjoying it so much. There is real talent behind these combinations of produce and seasonings to make a nutritious and delicious meal or side that even my meat eating husband likes!"

— Martha, @gently_led

Tropical Fruits

"Guys! I just made those meatball hoagies! I haven't had a sandwich or a sub in 5 years. My taste buds just blew apart in 4 separate directions! Worth every second it took me to make without a double oven. I bit into it and dang near fell over! Well played folks, well played. I applaud both of you for being so diligent with Anthony's truth as well as being light hearted and taking the time to show that food can still be delicious within specific guidelines. Thank you again!"

— Nicole

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