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1-Hour Healing Lifestyle Consult

Feeling overwhelmed, stuck & like you have done all you can do?

  • 1 h
  • 300 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

In this day in age, the percentage of us who experience true wellness is becoming less and less. With all that we are up against on a daily basis, from everyday stress, environmental toxins and exposure to pathogens we must learn to adapt healthier lifestyle habits in order to give our bodies the best chance at wellness. Let us help you ditch old habits and introduce new and positive lasting lifestyle changes to transform and strengthen mind, body and soul through: 1. A 1-hour consultation guiding you in adjusting and modifying your individualized protocols as indicated by MedicalMedium™ information. 2.Continued advice and support for reduced environmental toxin exposure, waste reduction techniques and clean alternatives to conventional toxic cleaning and personal care products as needed 3. Trust, faith, hope, emotional and spiritual support as needed

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